March 23, 2023

Air new zealand flight returns to same airport after 16 hours flight was diverted back due to a fire new york terminal

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Flight from Auckland to New York reached New Zealand after 16 hours
Flight operations were disrupted due to power outage
Passengers said- 16 hours of time and fuel was wasted

Auckland: On February 16, the Air New Zealand flight from Auckland to New York reached back to its takeoff place. Passengers sat in the flight for 16 hours. When people found the flight at the same place, they were shocked. In fact, operations were disrupted due to the power outage, affecting at least 135 flights. According to the Washington Post, the airline said in a statement that the Auckland-New York flight was diverted back due to a terminal fire.

According to reports, New Zealand’s ‘Air New Zealand flight’ left from Auckland on Thursday evening. The flight was scheduled to land at John F. Kennedy International Airport’s Terminal 1 at 5:40 pm local time, but instead diverted to New Zealand. The international airport tweeted, ‘We are working to accommodate the affected flights using other terminals. Passengers, please check flight status with your airline before leaving for the airport.

Now nature will wreak havoc in this country? Destruction is about to come, the government hastily announced emergency

According to the Washington Post, Many people on social media questioned why the flight could not land at any other airport in America. In response, the airline said, “landing at another US airport meant that the aircraft would have to stay there for several days, affecting many other scheduled services and passengers.” Many users expressed their displeasure on Twitter. One user said, ’16 hours of flight and you end up where you started. What a productive day. Another user said, ‘Just booked a flight to come back home.’ The third person said, ‘What a nonsense, so much time and fuel was wasted.’

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