March 27, 2023

After 26 miscarriages, a woman became a mother, an unwanted Guinness World Record!

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Viral News: Becoming a mother is a dream of almost every woman. But sometimes this dream remains incomplete due to medical reasons. Many women conceive, but due to some shortcomings and problems, they have to face miscarriage again and again. That is, the fetus growing in the womb is not fully developed. A similar case has come from China, where an unwanted record of miscarriage was added to the woman’s name. But even after 26 miscarriages, this woman did not lose courage and now she has become a mother.

According to South China Morning, a 37-year-old woman has become a mother after 26 miscarriages. The identity of the mother has not been disclosed to the media due to confidentiality. But after this woman became a mother, a new controversy has started in China. People are saying that there is so much social pressure on women to have children, it is reflected in this.

last miscarriage in 2019
According to a press release from the hospital, it has not been told how long the abortion has taken place. But the last time she was 34 years old in 2019. According to the newspaper, the delivery took place after the surgery. Many on social media have criticized her experience for “letting motherhood dominate life”.

hopes were over
After the 26th miscarriage in the year 2019, this woman had almost lost hope. But the hospital worked hard again and after several tests, this woman became pregnant once again in February this year. According to the Guinness World Records, a woman from America had suffered 19 miscarriages. Later she became a mother. Now it is expected that soon this record will be made in the name of Chinese woman.

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