March 25, 2023

A major accident was averted due to pilot’s understanding.. The helicopter was about to hit the bus with the moving vehicle, watch video

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Viral Video: Missile attacks… Bombing… Helicopters circling in the sky…. Scary scenes are visible everywhere in Ukraine these days. Russia has intensified attacks during the last two weeks. Therefore, many videos related to war can be seen on social media these days. One such shocking video is going viral at the moment, where a major accident was averted due to the pilot’s understanding.

This video has been shared by the Defense Ministry of Ukraine. You will get goosebumps after watching this 8-second video. It can be seen in this video that a helicopter is flying at a very low altitude on the highway. It is written in the caption of this video that welcome to Ukraine. Someone is recording this video from inside the car.

averted accident
In the blink of an eye, the distance between the vehicle and the helicopter is greatly reduced. A collision was going to happen at any moment, but due to the wisdom of the pilot, a major accident was averted. These days helicopters are seen flying at low altitude due to war. Actually this is done to avoid enemy radar.

bombing all over
Let us tell you that in the central and western parts of Ukraine, the sounds of firing are being heard at short intervals. In fact, the Ukrainian Air Force tried to shoot down missiles and drones fired by Russia. Nearly eight months after the Russian attack on Ukraine, Russia has intensified attacks on power stations, water supply systems and other key infrastructure across Ukraine, the air force said, with 18 of the 33 missiles fired from the air and sea. destroyed and dropped.

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