March 28, 2023

9 killed and 2 injured in shooting at Mexican bar, fear of gang war

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Mexico City: 9 people were killed and 2 injured in a bar shooting in the central Mexican state of Guanajuato. Local officials gave this information on Thursday. Reuters quoted officials as saying that an armed group arrived at a bar in the town of Apacio El Alto outside Celia at 9 p.m. (local time) on Wednesday and opened fire on people present there. The Guanajuato State Police said in a statement that five men and four women were killed and two other women were injured in the shootings. The condition of the injured is stable.

The attackers are yet to be identified, officials said, adding that units of state and federal officials as well as the National Guard have been sent to the area. Two posters ‘pointing to a criminal group’ were left at the scene. In Mexico, cartels often leave messages after killings for other groups or officials. Guanajuato, Mexico’s industrial center, has been severely affected by turf wars between cartels in recent years. Last month, 12 people were killed in a shooting at a bar in the city of Irapuato. In September last, 10 people were killed in a shooting incident near the same city.

According to a report by ABC News, this is the third incident of at least shooting in the past months in Guanajuato, where a local gang is waging a war with the Jalisco Cartel. The common thing in all these attacks is that the attackers have tried to kill everyone including the waitress in the bar. In the Wednesday night attack in the town of Apacio El Alto, assailants left hand-written posters on the bar’s blood-soaked floor. The messages were signed by the Santa Rosa de Lima gang, whose leader is known as ‘Marrow’ or Sledgehammer and is currently in prison. Messages appeared accusing the bar’s owners of supporting the rival Jalisco Cartel.

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