March 25, 2023

70 percent of Kyiv’s population plunged into darkness, power supply stalled after Russia’s missile attack

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Russia’s rapid attack on Kyiv
Electricity supply stopped in 70% of the population
Mayor of Kyiv issued statement

KyivThe Russia-Ukraine war continues. Continuous attacks are being done from both the sides. Russia is attacking Ukraine with long range missiles. Meanwhile, a big news has come out regarding the Russia-Ukraine war. Power supply in Kyiv has been disrupted since Russia’s missile attack. After Russia’s attack on 23 November, power supply to 70 percent of Kyiv’s population has come to a standstill. It is very dark here. Due to the interruption of power supply, a huge problem has arisen in front of the people. 70 percent of Kyiv’s population is in dire straits due to missile attacks by Russia. Due to lack of electricity, there has also been a shortage of water here.

Kiev Mayor Vitali Klitschko said crews worked through the night to restore normalcy to life in the capital, according to The Kyiv Independent. According to the mayor, water supply has already been restored in the city’s left bank after Russia’s deadly missile attack on Ukraine on November 23. He expressed hope that in the first half of the day today the water supply will resume in the whole of Kyiv.

war is getting worse
In the city of Kyiv, 70% of the population is still without electricity. People are in the dark. According to Kyiv’s mayor Kalitsko, energy companies are making every effort to restore power supply as soon as possible. He said that care is being taken to restore the balance of the energy system, as Kyiv is part of the national energy system.

Loud explosions were heard in many parts of Ukraine’s capital Kyiv yesterday. People going to work received messages about missile attacks. Air raid sirens rang continuously in the city. The war between Russia and Ukraine is increasing continuously. It is becoming more deadly with each passing day. This war is a matter of concern for the whole world.

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