March 25, 2023

500 pilot whales died in New Zealand, know why the extinct species was killed?

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Euthanasia given to nearly 500 large-scale stranded whales in Chatham Islands
Considering the risk of shark attacks, it is the best option in such cases.
In 1918, about 1,000 whales were trapped on the Chatham Islands.

auckland, Nearly 500 large-scale fishing whales have died in New Zealand’s remote Chatham Islands. According to a report by news agency AFP, on Friday, 250 pilot whales were reported stranded on the coast of Chatham Island and then three days later 240 other whales were stranded on Pitt Island. When the whale died, local officials said the distance from the New Zealand mainland made rescue operations impossible. Due to which the administration decided to give him ‘Ichha death’.

Euthanasia granted to both whale groups
Given the risk of shark attacks on humans and pilot whales, live whales were euthanasiaed. Government technical marine adviser Dave Lundquist told AFP that the whales were euthanized by his trained team to prevent further suffering. Lundquist said that this decision is never taken lightly, but it is the best option in such cases. After the death of these whales, the carcasses will be left to decompose naturally at the site.

In 1918, about a thousand whales were trapped.
In the year 1918, about 1,000 whales were trapped on the Chatham Islands. Similarly, in 2017, a large group of around 700 pilot whales were trapped on the shores of the island. Scientists do not fully understand why mass strandings occur, but some researchers believe that such phenomena occur very close to the coast. Last month, nearly 200 pilot whales died on a beach in Australia’s far western Tasmania.

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