March 25, 2023

5 lions escaped from zoo enclosure, ordered people to run away in 30 seconds; stir up

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Sydney. There was a stir in a zoo in Australia on Wednesday. Five lions suddenly escaped from the enclosure of the Taronga Zoo in Sydney. After that there was chaos. Emergency was immediately declared in the zoo. Simultaneously, the lockdown was imposed. Whereas the guest staying there was ordered to leave the luggage within 30 seconds and run away. However, after a few hours people heaved a sigh of relief. The five lions returned to their enclosure.

At 6:30 a.m. local time, an adult male lion and four cubs had left their main enclosure. Zoo executive director Simon Duffy said the incident would be investigated. He told local media that the lions had moved to a small area outside their enclosure. This area was just 100 meters away from the guest house, from where the guests stayed overnight in the zoo. The main zoo was closed at that time. He told that no lion came out of Taronga Zoo.

rang alarm
Duffy said the small area was protected by a six-foot fence typically used to keep people at a safe distance, and the entire zoo was surrounded by a perimeter fence. The zoo said CCTV footage showed that the alarm was sounded within 10 minutes of the lion’s escape. Let us tell you that in the year 2009, a lioness escaped from her enclosure at Mogo Zoo, south of Sydney. So he had to be shot because of the danger that the public was facing at that time.

chaos all around
According to Duffy, employees responded quickly to move everyone at the site to safer locations. The four lions went back to their enclosure. A guest said that he was asked to vacate the zoo immediately. He said, ‘Hurry up! Don’t worry about your belongings. This is code one. Get out of your tent. You have 30 seconds to exit. People were running away.

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