March 25, 2023

4800 feet long tunnel found in excavation under the temple, the tomb of the queen can be found

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A tunnel has been discovered near a temple in Egypt. This temple is dedicated to Osiris, the god of death. Kathleen Martinez, an archaeologist at the University of San Domingo, unearthed a 6.5-foot-high, 4,300-foot-long tunnel about 43 feet underground in the temple. This temple is located in the west of the ancient city of Alexandria. Two Ptolemaic-era alabaster sculptures and several porcelain ware have also been found.

The excavation was led by archaeologist Kathleen Martinez of the University of San Domingo. Archaeologists said that this is a very important discovery. In fact, this tunnel could possibly lead to the long-lost tomb of Cleopatra. However, Kathleen Martinez believes there is only a 1 percent chance of Cleopatra being buried inside. Martinez said that if the tomb is found, it could become “the most important discovery of the 21st century”.

this is a miracle
Egypt’s Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities called the discovery a miracle in a statement last week. A part of the tunnel is submerged under water. It is being said that this happened due to frequent earthquakes in this area. Archaeologists suspect that the temple collapsed due to those natural calamities.

Found many things before
During previous excavations at the site, archaeologists found several other artifacts, including coins bearing the names and images of Cleopatra VII and Alexander. They have also found sculptures, statues of the goddess Isis, a mummy with a tongue of gold, and a graveyard filled with Greco-Roman-style mummies.

was buried in the Magna Temple
Martinez, a criminal lawyer-turned-archaeologist, has for many years believed that the ancient queen was buried in the Temple of Taposiris Magna. After successfully petitioning the Egyptian government to conduct research in the area, they began excavations. Although he has yet to find Cleopatra’s tomb, he has made several other important discoveries, including a tunnel, over the past 15 or so years.

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