March 27, 2023

10 men and 9 women publicly flogged in Afghanistan, UN expresses concern

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19 people sentenced to flogging in Afghanistan
Punishment given outside the mosque after prayer
Taliban vows to implement Sharia law

KabulIn northeastern Afghanistan, 19 people were flogged for adultery, theft and running away from home. An official of the Supreme Court gave this information today i.e. on Sunday. This announcement of punishment has underlined its intentions to stick to its strict interpretation of Islamic law or Sharia. This is the first official confirmation of flogging in Afghanistan since the Taliban seized power in August 2021.

During its previous regime in the late 1990s, the Taliban group used public executions, flogging and stoning for those convicted of crimes in courts. After taking over Afghanistan last year, the Taliban initially promised to be more lenient, allowing women and minorities their rights. But instead of doing this, the Taliban banned girls’ education after the sixth grade. Along with this, other rights and freedoms of women were also banned.

Taliban vows to implement Sharia law
Let us tell you that on Thursday, a Taliban spokesman said that they are committed to implementing all Sharia laws. Supreme Court official Abdul Rahim Rashid said 10 men and 9 women were flogged 39 times in the town of Talokan in north-eastern Takhar province. Abdul Rahim said that the punishment was given on Friday after prayers in front of the city’s main mosque in the presence of scholars and local people.

Rashid did not give personal information about those 19 people. He did not give information about his name, address etc. He said that their cases were assessed by two courts before conviction. The United Nations has expressed concern over the restrictions on girls’ education in Afghanistan, as well as the reduction of basic security. With the economic crisis deepening in Afghanistan, more insecurity, poverty and isolation are expected.

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